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October 08, 2009


Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

Happy Birthday, but you completely lost me with this post. Television ignoramus.

Annie in Austin

Your icon is fun and the choice of dress very cool - belated Happy Birthday!
I'm a decade older than you so didn't have to use technology to MadMen myself ... just used a teenage booth photo for my Twitter icon.

The RodMen idea is thought provoking - couldn't forget Willoughby but couldn't remember the name of the actor. It turns out it was the very handsome James Daly, father of Tyne and Tim, born in Wisconsin. He looks more like Roger than Don in his wikipedia photo.

We rented the DVD's of Mad Men Seasons 1 & 2 this fall and really liked the show. But I didn't think of Rod Serling or the Twilight Zone. Our family watched every Western and those taciturn and ruggedly handsome men came first to mind. Maybe they were in Matthew Wiener's mind, too - heard that he'd had an image of James Garner in mind.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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