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August 20, 2008


Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening

There is a lot more foliage on our Grandpa Otts vines. They cover the chicken yard fence.

Annie in Austin

Purple is such a slippery name, isn't it? When I say purple my mind tends to colors like the outer part of your Grandpa Ott, but maybe that's violet? Other people call flowers purple but they look dark magenta to me.

Sorry about the hydrangea - ours was planted but did nothing for years, finally made one flower and we moved soon after. At least yours still has a chance to redeem itself.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Sorry for off topic query, but have just come across your note of having received Bergenia 'Beethoven' I've been after this plant for some time, and wondering if you might be able to reveal your source? Many thanks


Oh, I really like them both, but ironweed nudges out a victory. And japanese iris ain't bad, but not long flowered.


That color is quite three dimensional. Your photo seems to somehow capture it's infra - violet quality.

My favorite purples:

1) Iris reticulata
'J.S. Dijt'
2) Papaver s. Lauren's Grape
3) And, a new one this year, Salvia parchyphylla 'Blue Flame'. They call it blue, but the combination of the rosy bracts and the blueish flowers creates a stunning purple in my eye. http://www.highcountrygardens.com/catalog/product/84766/

I have a weakness for purple flowers.

Weeping Sore

Everybody has their own favorite purple. Mine is the vulgar color on the old grape soda cans.

Not sure about the impomea incest, but you've told me that those difficult-to-germinate seeds might eventually work things out and bloom. It might just take a few more years.


I would agree it looks great.

Send Flower Philippines

Love the purple power,Its perfect in the window.


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