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July 03, 2008


Annie in Austin

It's so good to see a post from you - I've missed you. And although the USDA says chicory and Queen Anne's Lace grow here, I haven't seen them around lately and miss them on roadsides.
But I don't miss Japanese beetles.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

mss @ Zanthan Gardens

So good to see a post from you again. Missed you and hope that you are better.

Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening

I once tried growing chicory from seed that my husband saved from a particularly blue one. No luck.

Sometimes the weeds in my garden make nice arrangements, too.


Welcome back. It's good to hear from you.


A big fan from the UK says it is really good to have you posting again.


I often am surprised by a lovely view of "weeds" out the train window on my weekly trips in to Toronto, and I ponder the extravagant colour combinations fearlessly composed by Mother Nature!

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