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July 30, 2007



Always such a good read. Have been looking since last quarter 2007 but where are you now? Like to hear more


Nicely said. I love the idea of a garden carrying meaning--be it medicinal, culinary, for aromatherapy, or otherwise. I hadn't thought of growing herbs de provence--I will now.

Hi, I adore Balloon flowers from the gardens of my childhood.
Are you still posting? This post is from July 30, 2007.
I enjoy your posts and will add this to my links at my blog.


I am going to have to plant a Platycodon. THe flowers are so pretty.

Wall Fountains

Hi friend thanks for sharing this information.
Platycodon root is a valuable herbal medicines for cold and flu.

Gardening Seeds

wow.. very nice info at this post thanks!!! great comments too...


May I just say you have officially made this my very favorite plant of all! I love that it's pretty and the color,the flowers are amazing but I love that if necessary you can EAT it! Living in Sunny Ca has it's downsides-- earthquakes. Always good to have a snack out in the garden if you need!

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