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June 11, 2007


M Sinclair Stevens

I tried this and then gave up. All I get on shuffle is songs from my husband's collections--music I never listen to--or various chapters of Japanese lessons or books in Japanese on tape (like Harry Potter).

If I could limit the choice to my smart playlist then this might be more revealing. But what I think would be truly interesting was for people to come up with their own answers for each topic...a suggested life playlist. People's choices interest me more than machine's.

Ah ha, irony. As I'm typing this Elvis Costello came on, "I Wanna Be Loved".


Ah, another Elvis Costello fan. I only have a CD player so I tend to make up mixed CDs and while gardening, listen to the same songs for days on end. Bits of songs run through my head throughout the day which is quite lovely.


That's cool and spooky.

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