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May 31, 2007


The County Clerk

Excellent post! I am actually leaving Chicago today to travel to Sweden to celebrate the occasion.

Carolyn Choi

Hi Chan,

So glad to see you back again. Enjoyed your post on the great Linnaeus, who, like myself, was born in May.

I know what you mean about those botanical names and I've had more than one chuckle in hort class when I tried to wrap my Southern tongue around it.

Kathryn Johnson

How about Liquidamar styraciflua, or ampelopsis brevipedunculata - along with the smoke bush, they gave me a chuckle in hort school too!

In the fall, when its leaves turn golden I find myself repeating the mantra: Liquidambar, liquid gold!

I like the lyrical cadence of the botanical names as they roll off the tongue.
Thanks for the post on Linnaeus.

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