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February 25, 2007



Hi there, the picture is the perfect antidote to snow and I offer my sympathies. As a child I undoubtedly loved the stuff but now much older (but no wiser) I hate the stuff and can never see the attraction. The gardener in me hates what it does to plants and can do to trees. It also used to annoy that a fall of snow made my neighbour's garden (he hated gardening) look just like mine despite all my efforts!!

Take heart it will not last.

In England we are trying to comprehend and manage a spring that seemed to have started last December so issues here are to prune or not to prune etc


You've some amazing pictures on your blog. Very inspiring...I too look longingly forward to springs arrival.

doctor mom

A welcome sight on this snowy, sleety, rainy New England morning! Thanks for helping us remember what it's all about.


Just discovered your sight.




Take heart. It was in the 50's in Ohio today, 70 tomorrow. It's on the way!


Oh my ... you have one of my favourites quote from Laurie Colwin in an earlier entry. It was lovely to see it!

I am adding your blog to my garden blog links!


I just found your site and that picture took my breath away. I love gardens like that. We're also under snow now (chicago). I'm not sure what this means - if our garden will look the same this summer. I find myself looking at pictures from last year and getting lost.


Your garden and photographs are a true inspiration. I inherited an overgrown garden which I am slowly returning to it's former glory. I have just found your site and will be returning again soon.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

I just saw your site and appreciate the fantastic pictures. Each scene or flower has a magnetism that makes me feel like I am standing right there.


Very nice lavender. It spreads so quickly. I had to pull some of mine out this spring as it was literally taking over.

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