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January 28, 2007


Annie in Austin

I read this yesterday, and thought it beautiful, but left to look up 'Algerian Iris', was sidetracked, and didn't come back to your post.

Today, in "Two Gardeners", I read a letter from Elizabeth Lawrence to Katharine S. White, sent in January of 1967. Elizabeth says that her Algerian Iris has been in bloom on the sunny side of the house for a fortnight - so something written 40 years ago reminded me to come and thank you for your lovely words.

I've been lucky enough to be present when a beetle landed on a just-opened 'Little Gem' Magnolia flower; just that tiny action caused the interior [stamens?] to shake and shatter into fragments that landed in the cup of the blossom.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Lovely photos. Love that blackberry lily - I've never heard of them before.


Beautiful words and a lovely Iris. It reminds me of watching moonflowers open at sundown. They pop open right before your eyes!


Patrick - www.iheartgardening.com


My garden would not be nearly as much fun without the surprise plants that pop up in unexpected places.

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