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October 06, 2006



I'm with you... I would not have the courage to go visit a garden uninvited, nor do I spend much time reading slick gardening magazines. But I "visit" several gardens a few times a week by reading blogs from gardeners all over the world.

Well said...


Gosh, Chan, I wish you would get on a soapbox more often.


Very well said... this was a lovely post.

Annie in Austin

When bloglines announced that you had a new post, I felt a spark of anticipation, because there is always something worth reading at the Bookish Gardener.

We may have to wait for your missives, but it's like the Spencer Tracy comment on Katharine Hepburn, when they come they are "Cherce".

To you and the other pioneers, Thank you!

Patricia Tryon

Ah, Chan, that's a lovely piece. Thank you :-)


This is a wonderful little essay that touches on many important things.


I'd like to be a garden blogger, but my garden is sad-looking. :-) It looked good in my head-- I need a gardener!


I enjoyed your entry. I had not really thought about it before, that gardens reflect the gardener, even sometimes in physical appearance.

The County Clerk

OK... I come back every day. It's been well over a month. With respect and courtesy, I thought I'd let you know that I'm ready for a new essay.


Now that was a post so many of us can agree with. Well said.

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