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August 22, 2006



The potentilla is probably a disappointment because it is not in the sun where it needs to be.


Potentilla does so well here in Colorado that it's one of those plants that I have to force myself to like despite its blatent overuse in foundation plantings. I usually do this by classifying MY potentilla in a separate catagory from all those sad ones sitting alone in office parks. The new overused plant here is Russian Sage, which isn't surprising, as it is just about the perfect plant for our climate. What plants do landscapers abuse in Wisconsin?

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas)

Your writing, as usual, is radiant.

And, yes, those taxonimists aren't helping us sell Latin as the universal language of gardeners, are they? I had the same problem writing up Duranta and Palo verde.


We had the potentilla at our former house. It did ok, but was a little gangly, and attracted yellow jackets. Ouch!
This summer, I saw large, full potentilla bushes in NE Minnesota. I was surprised they could look so good. Not sure what made the difference.


Wonderful job with the photos, Chan! The combination of your lyrical descriptions and the photos to illuminate is an excellent read.

Your neighbor just a few blocks away, Bitterroot

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