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July 25, 2006


blackswamp_girl (Kim)

Wow... finally, a rudbeckia that I might be able to have in my garden! (The usual yellow/brown combo brings to mind the bad decor I experienced firsthand during my childhood in the 70s.)

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas)

Ooooh. I like the mutant. It looks invitingly cool and frosty.

Annie in Austin

Years ago I had a green-centered Rudbeckia in my Illinois garden - maybe called 'Irish Eyes'? It looked really good with dark blue salvia.

Both the lime-green Nicotiana and the mutant Rudbeckia are really interesting. All the gardeners in Texas crave flowers that look cool right now, I guess.

Good luck with whatever crosses for next summer!


The mutant Rudbeckia is wonderful and reminds me of what some people call the Osteospermum African daisy with "spoon-shaped" petals. (I grew up calling Gerber Daisies, African daisies.)

Osteospermum barberae

and Osterospermum

In Nov 2004 when I had planned to start gardening in my new home, I had to stop all gardening. Adding flowers to my screen saver became a substitute. "The Garden Helper" had more photos of O ecklonis which is similar to your sport.

I did an extensive search for seeds or starts of the spoon-shaped variety but could find no vendor at that time.

Ann Moore

Similar flower to Rudbeckia sport

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