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June 26, 2006



I love hollyhocks! Unfortunately I lost all of mine to rust this year. Sigh . . . Yours are gorgeous.

blackswamp_girl (Kim)

That's a beautiful bed of hollyhocks! I hope you post a shot of the alcea rugosa when they bloom as well.

M Light

They're beautiful! I love hollyhocks, but I hate watching the Japanese beetles eating them.


I was just mesmerized by the magnificence of your flowers. They are truly breathtaking. I do so hope that the invasion of Japanese beetles that you mentioned did not end of wreaking havoc in your lovely garden.


Beautiful! I love hollyhocks, and I'm trying to think of a way to grow them at my new house. Unfortunately, the garden is very shady all around, and the sunny side of the house is all concrete for parking the car. Do you think hollyhocks could be happy in a large, raised-bed sort of container?

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