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March 21, 2006



I'm so sorry you have to pay that ticket, but happy it motivated you to write this. I really enjoyed reading it.

Patricia Tryon

Sheesh. Was it that you were driving the only thing on the road small enough and slow enough to be caught?! Gah. (Oh, I know he was just doing his job. That has been explained to me, previously ;-) )


I love your imagined answers!

Last time I was stopped it was in Mass. and the officer also used the Socratic method. Do you think they teach them this?

"Do you know why I stopped you?"


"Why do you think I stopped you?"


"And what else?"


"Did you know it's illegal to pass on the right in Massachusetts?"

"I do now." (Husband gives me a finger poke.)

"Are these your children?" Thumbs looped in belt he dips the brim of his hat slightly toward the back seat.

He also asked me where I was coming from and what I had been doing there and where I was going. He was very nosy!


This all sounds so familiar as of two weeks ago today! Except I was not following the line of traffic; I was leading the charge...and I was not embarrassed; I was feeling more 'put in my place'. It worked; I no longer speed down that stretch of the road! (although those long, straight stretches of country road which mainly constitute my commute -- they are another story...)


Wonderfully written account of an awful experience! Made me re-live a couple of my own events -- and that awful sick and shameful feeling they brought. At least nowadays with all the cameras, the ticket more often comes in the mail when you can cope with those feelings in private. But I think the face-to-face encounter with a cop has a bigger impact on future driving behaviou.

orchid care

Unlucky. It must have been horrible.

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