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February 09, 2006



Glad to see you're back blogging.

Your post almost inspires me to seek out formal instruction again - either organ or piano. Maybe in a few more years...

Any chance that you would post a recording when you've got a piece ready to show off?

Robert the Llama Butcher

Ah, takes me back!

My piano teacher was a huge Romanticist, a source of some friction between us. Eventually, he got me to play one of Debussy's preludes, too. It was No. 9 La serenade interrompue. I confess that I rather enjoyed it, particularly because of its Spanish flavor.

However, my price for Debussy was that we'd turn to Bach afterward. The next piece I studied was his English Suite No. 2 in A minor. I felt that doing the Debussy was a small sacrifice to make to be able to get back to old J.S.

Chan S.

John - I dunno--"Switched-on Buxtehude" is a pretty tough act to follow! I must say that taking up piano lessons again has been one of the best things I've done...I highly recommend it.

Robert - Did I hear that right? "Llamabutcher Robert enjoyed Debussy." Actually, I expect to be (and look forward to) working on Bach with this teacher in the future, and in the meantime fumbling around at home with an Invention or two.

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