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September 09, 2005


Robert the Llama Butcher

Do you know, the rat-bastard deer have been chomping on the clematis I'm trying to get going on the front fence of my perennial garden. Reading your post suddenly made me wonder if I should give up the whole business and go with morning glory instead. Any thoughts on where they come in on the deers' snack list?


I would like to be very small and take a nap in that flower.

Chan S.

Robert - Ugh, deer! I try to temper my rabbit-griping with the knowledge that it could be so much worse. I have seen morning glories on some deer-resistant lists (although all such lists should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak). Certainly no downside in trying it out, since morning glories can grow very full and beautiful in short order (unless you're me trying to grow them, apparently) from seed.

Amy - I think 'Flying Saucers' would take you to the moon.

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