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September 28, 2005



I have to say I'm having a hard time fitting this in with my image of you, from what I've read of your blog to date. I'm going to have to revise my mental picture. :-)


Hooray, it's good! I've loved Firefly and I'm eagerly awaiting the Friday opening. I've been a little apprehensive because the trailer didn't look as promising as I had hoped. But a glowing review from someone whose mind you've come to admire via her blog means far more than a garbled critique from variety.com.


Oh I can hardly wait! My husband is out of town and he made me promise not to see it without him. Why did I promise???

Chan S.

Julana - I hope that I'm complicated just enough to be interesting... Cheers!

Sarah - kind words indeed! (Thank you.) Yes--it's good.

Stefanie - I admire your sacrifice for the Bookman! I think you will enjoy it all the more in the company of a loved one.

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