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August 06, 2005



Love the soap opera title.

So now I know what's happening to me: I'm going to flower. I'll be seedy before you know it.


Beautiful. This poetic gardening blog (complete with those beautiful Latin names) is balm to a frustrated gardener who lives on the third floor and has to haul soil up two flights of stairs. When I had a forty-foot strip of dirt and grand ambitions, I used to browse The Western Garden Book as light bedtime reading. Now I can browse Bookish Gardener. Thanks.

Chan S.

Amy - That particular soap came out way after I stopped watching daytime TV, but I've always loved the title. I like the idea of going to seed; just have to figure out whether to do it like a dandelion, or a clematis, or a poppy.

Rachel - thank you so much!

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