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August 12, 2005



Levant was one of those "American originals". I remember - vaguely - seeing him on the Jack Paar show, and in a couple of movies. As a pianist, he was almost as good as Victor Borge, and as a comedian, he was almost as good as Victor Borge. But he was always a delight to see on the screen.


I enjoyed reading this. I've also felt that "presumptuous familiarity" with Oscar Levant, despite having seen or read relatively little of him. Like Eve Arden, I think -- much easier for me to identify with the wise-cracking sidekick than with the leading man or woman.

My mind is boggling at the Wikipedia bit of trivia that the part of Cosmo Brown in "Singin' in the Rain" was written for Oscar Levant! What a different picture THAT would have been!

Chan S.

Mike - ahh, Victor Borge! Also an original...I'm glad we had them both.

Jeanne - Oscar as Cosmo...I think it would have been very entertaining to see him make short work out of Lina Lamont. And imdb says the studio originally wanted Howard Keel for the lead, even more mind-boggling!

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