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July 29, 2005



From whom did you purchase seeds for 'Magda Cousa'? It does sound delicious.

Chan S.

Johnny's Selected Seeds was the source. This one grows short and plump, so I've read that it's also good for stuffed zucchini. Hope you try it out sometime!


Gorgeous and sounds fabulous~do squash work as well in desserts as zucchini? I saw a delicious-sounding recipe for chocolate zucchini cupcakes recently....

Chan S.

I'd be willing to wager that these would be great in any zucchini quick bread or cupcake recipe. This doesn't have the "green" taste that conventional zucchini sometimes has, and it's very meaty. Judging from its performance so far, I'll guess that I'll have plenty for trying out in, say, chocolate zucchini cupcakes...thanks for the inspiration!


i like mine stuffed with meat and rice and parsley

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