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July 17, 2005



I am fascinated to learn that there is such a thing as Amish snap peas. My dad was Amish when he was little. We kind of make fun of Amish adjectives in the supermarkets around here, applied to: potato salad, cheese, noodles. We're not always sure what they mean.
So I am wondering how Amish snap peas are different from other snap peas.

Chan S.

What I've read is that these are a snap pea heirloom variety that was grown by the Amish way before modern-day snap peas were introduced. I know what you mean about "Amish" as a marketing ploy, though...saw a TV show on the home and garden channel the other day with a couple househunting for a new luxury home in Florida--the realtor made a big deal about pointing out that the kitchen cabinets in the house they were touring were "made by the Amish". (Right next to the granite countertops.)


That makes sense. When I have "world enough and time," I would like to grow heirloom plants. Maybe get some seed from the Seedsavers Exchange.

Chan S.

Julana, Seedsavers Exchange is great--I get at least one-third of my vegetable seeds (and some heirloom ornamentals) from them. Try them out!


I LOVE this photograph!

Chan S.

Thank you, Randa (and the photographer, Jessamyn, appreciates your kind compliment too!).

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