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July 31, 2005



Chan, my nasturtiums did wonderfully this year, but~alas! No morning glories! I thought any idiot could grow them and I have in the past but not this year. Here is the link to the site with chocolate zucchini cupcakes; scroll down to the July 27 entry: http://www.101cookbooks.com/

Maggie Ann

Bless your heart, you grew this beauty from seed?!! Wow. I once grew geraniums from seed and ornamental grass and such but those are pretty common compared to what you have there. How beautiful. Glad I got to see this.

A. Noël


I'm relieved ... I didn't have luck with nasturtiums this year, either, and thought I'd have to go back to remedial plant-starting 101.

Chan S.

Thanks, everyone!

Sook -Young , Park

The lisianthus flower is beautiful. I am interesting to buy the seed of lisianthus flower and other colour which are pure white and green as double flowers. please send me the information of the seed, growing skills and contect number in New Zealnad.

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