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June 13, 2005



Thanks for the link. My June theme is flowers, so pick those bouquets while you can.


The Literary Garden sounds like a book that I want for my collection.

The content reminds me a book I own, about real life Canadian gardens going back to the 1780s.

Garden Voices, edited by Edwinna von Baeyer and Pleasance Crawford (Random House of Canada/1995), is "an anthology of Canadian garden writing ... from every decade since the 1790s".

It includes stories and diary entries of gardens and gardeners from every one of Canada's provinces and territories. It is a great, and at times amusing read.


I have never heard of this book, but now it is at the top of my must buy list!

Chan S.

Amy, it's a lovely theme--thanks for the "bouquets".

Mia, "Garden Voices" sounds like a book I'd like to add to my garden reading too--thanks for the lead.

Stefanie, I think there's much for you to like in this one. If there's a B&N in your vicinity, they might have it in their gardenbook bargain area (I've seen it stocked at the store here even very recently).

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