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May 26, 2005


Robert the Llama Butcher


Snapdragons this early? You must start them inside?

Chan S.

Thanks, Robert! The snaps that are blooming right now are self-sown from last year's window boxes. The seeds fall close to the foundation, in a gravel bed in south-facing full sun, so they're off to a healthy head start.


I'd love to see a photo of Nova Zembla. Does it have much dieback with you? Also, do you have 100 peony plants, or 100 peony buds? (!)

Chan S.

Kathy, I was crossing my fingers to see what would happen with Nova Zembla over this past winter (its first in my garden). There was no winter kill, even though it is in a very exposed site (bed in the middle of the back yard, so it gets sun and wind all winter long) and I had not put down extra mulch nor had I burlapped it for protection. I am not a PJM fan, so I'm excited to have found a "good do-er" of a rhody.

Yes, it is 100+ peony buds. But someday...


My peonies are going to bloom this year. I don't know why, but we keep moving them, and they hate that so much. We didn't last year and the one whose name I forget is going to do well.

But my iris were so beautiful. The last ones are coming out now--pink ones--we're in Spokane so things come out later. For some reason the pink ones don't look as pretty with the iris foliage as the blue and purple ones. I have the big white "Iditarod" I think the name is, and it is magnificent.

Also the indestructible "beauty bush" is out. A neighbor gave it to me 20 years ago. I loved it when my husband didn't prune it in our old home, and it grew into a huge mound of blossoms. He pruned it last year, and it was down to several branches, but with all of the blooms on it now, it looks great. Like an ikebana arrangement.

Chan S.

Wow, Michal...your words are worth a thousand pictures! Here's to your beautiful garden.

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