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May 12, 2005



we have a native dicentra here in the mountains with pale pink and white blooms. One of my favorites in the spring, along with the wild orchids!

Robert the Llama Butcher

It's still strange to me to see yours just now opening up when my own have been out for a good six weeks or so! But I see it's been quite chilly still up in your neck of the woods.

Chan S.

Avril, that native dicentra sounds wonderful. I always have the sense that bleeding hearts go better in a natural habitat than in the manicured confines of a garden--they must be glorious.

Robert, a missive from boot camp--I'm honored! The site where the dicentra is blooming is shady and zone 4, so everything there blooms 3-4 weeks later than the plants in the gardens in the back of the house (zone 5, sunny, south). Looking forward to some peony blogging soon!


What a beautiful variety! And you say it didn't go dormant last summer? I might just have to get me one of those.

Chan S.

Stefanie, it's terrific even out of bloom. I have it in a very shady area and it just brightens things up. And rabbit-proof to boot!

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