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May 15, 2005



What do you think of Geranium 'Rozanne'? I have read numerous complimentary descriptions, but I wonder if the hype is accurate.

Chan S.

I really like the color of the bloom, which is more toward the blue side of blue-purple, and the flower is on the large side for a hardy geranium. I'll have to report back as to whether it really does bloom until frost, but I'm excited to see it in bloom this early (I got it last summer, so this is the first bloom in my garden). Another hyped geranium, Patricia, is setting many clusters of buds right now and looks like it will be in bloom soon. We'll see about that one too!

Bryan Alexander

Thank you for the great story about your first reactions to the novel! I'm a huge Christopher Lee fan, too.

Please feel free to post to the Draculablog as we go. This is the slowest month of the book - things really kick into high gear in a few weeks.

All best -

Chan S.

Bryan, thank you for stopping by, and especially for Dracula Blogged. The benefit of this "slow" month is that it feels as though the tension is building during the "lull"...an effect that would be missed with a conventional reading of the book. Brrr...can't wait! Cheers.

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