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March 05, 2005



I'm a big fan of Loesser's, too. There is a fun PBS documentary of the taping of the 1990 revival G&D cast album (which also includes Nathan Lane) that is available on DVD.

During the 1992 season, Goodspeed Opera in Connecticut brought to Broadway a revival of Loesser's Most Happy Fella. It was unique in that they used a Loesser created score that was transposed for two grand pianos (instead of full orchestra).

Given Loesser's penchant for full orchestration, some might think that stripped down version to be a disappointment. But it was not. None of the singers were miked, and it may be the only time I ever saw a Broadway musical unplugged, so to speak. The cast album from that production is good, but the performance itself was quite impressive -- and is still vivid in my mind 13 years later.

Chan S.

Don, I saw the PBS documentary when it first ran and remember it well and fondly. Next on the wish list: the cast album for Most Happy Fella. Cheers!

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