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March 29, 2005



A close look at the picture reveals foliage of the typical Wisconsin crocus bunnyfoodicus! Beautiful bloom though.

Chan S.

Sharp eye there! I'm just relieved they left the buds alone.


I just found your blog and love it. It's funny, we moved to TX recently from WI. I really miss the grape hyacinth in WI but I am now experiencing the beauty of Texas bluebonnets. It's that time of year.

Chan S.

Thank you, Roberta. The grape hyacinth buds are just emerging right now, and I'm looking forward to them flowering soon. I'm a big fan of Texas wildflowers (and especially bluebonnets)--lucky you for getting to see them live and in person! Cheers.

Lynn S

Beautiful! I've had blooms for a while now. I just recently put a photo of one of my daffodils at the top of my sidebar.

Chan S.

Thanks, Lynn. Yes, I've been admiring your daffodil with the pink trumpet (it really *is* pink!).

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