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January 08, 2005



I have been wanting to read The Epicurious Gardener for some time and am glad to hear it lives up to its reputation. Sue Hubbell, the author I mentioned to you a few posts back, also writes about beekeeping, both in A Country Year and other tomes. I had romanticized beekeeping until reading her book. Now I'm not as convinced I want to have hives of my own! (dounle meaning intended...)

Chan S.

I ordered A Country Year at the same time, but it's taking the expected time to wend its way through the postal system...thanks again for the recommendation! I like how Adams, although openly enamored of beekeeping, is always matter-of-fact about its not-so-pleasant aspects in the book. I think it's fun enough just being an "armchair" beekeeper, yes?


how is Adams's book coming along? I am beginning to get that spring itch to read more gardening lit, probably due to this unexpected and glorious stretch of warm weather. The most unpleasant aspect of beekeeping in Hubbell's book was the description of self-prescribed stings to build up immunity....maybe I'll just keep buying my honey from the roadside stand....

Chan S.

The Adams book has made honey bees fascinating to me--but I have no urge whatsoever to take up beekeeping. (I use honey in my cooking once in a while, but I'm not even that much of a honey eater!) I'm happy to keep planting lots of bee-friendly plants, though.

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