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December 19, 2004


Patricia Tryon

I admire your high-mindedness, but I still think it's pretty funny! But maybe that's because I b-log, and he probably doesn't ;-)

Chan S.

I admit it was pretty funny. It was very clear that not only did he not blog, he did not know any one else who blogs, nor had he ever read a blog, nor had he ever encountered the word 'blog' in oral conversation. And this was someone who was probably at least 10 years younger than me, who's around college kids all day long...but that's not a knock on him, just a bit of a reality check (for me) about the imagined vs. actual influence of blogging on people who don't already b-log or read blogs.

Patricia Tryon

Ha! So we're saying that he is... um... like... TWENTY years younger than me. Hahahahaha! Or should that be: Bwah-ah-ha-ha-ah? ;-)

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