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December 28, 2004



I am a music ignoramus, but even I remember the Jackson 5, since I was, like, born at the right time. My junior high choir teacher played "Ben" for us to illustrate good (or at least better than we were doing) breathing techniques.

Chan S.

I'm perversely fond of "Ben". And your choir teacher was right, now that you mention it: ("With a friend to call my own / I'll never be alone / and you, my friend, will see / you've got a friend in me-e-e-e")...you can barely hear Michael Jackson taking a breath, and except for the last couple of measures, he's belting it out.


I also like Ben, but I don't know if Michael had good breathing technique (not that I could tell anyway) or just big lungs. It always impressed me how long Michael held a note at the end some Christmas song.

Chan S.

Barry, I am proud to confess that I own Michael Jackson's "Music and Me" album, on which he performs a number of Broadway show tunes...all at full belt, first note to end...lungs seem to be a good working hypothesis.


It's Christmas song season again and I heard the song I was talking about. It's I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause. At the end, he holds the word "night" for about 10 seconds.

The stuff to dislike about him seems to keep growing, but I have no complaints about his lungs as a kid.

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