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November 20, 2004



You know, I love Kincaid...ever since we read "Lucy" in my Reading Cultures class during undergrad. I just wish she was a little more prolific.

Sounds like a great deal, all-in-all. Anytime you can get four readable books for $1, you should!


Oh, the envy! We have some great bookstores here in Asheville but they never have sales like these. From time to time, I take that vow (you know the one....) to not buy any more books until I've finished those towering by my bed. Never works, especially when it comes to gardening books, old books, cookbooks....

Chan S.

Hannah - Thanks for the encouragement! And I am looking forward to Annie John. Kincaid's work is so concentrated and intense that I can almost understand why there's not more of it...I can't help but think it must take a lot out of a writer that writes like she does.

Avril - What vow? What bedside stacks? I'm happily resigned to running a permanent read/bought deficit. After all, there are worse vices (or so I tell myself).

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