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November 24, 2004



Per my request last Christmas, my husband gave me a copy of Henry Mitchell's "On Gardening" which I have dutifully doled out in its month-to-month format to make it last the whole year. I must confess, however, that I sometimes read ahead because you just can't get enough Henry!

Chan S.

I am in awe of your discipline and restraint. And I'm with you...I can't get enough of Henry either.


By Henry's definition I am a very orthodox gardener. You must keep a special calendar with all your favorites authors, artists, etc. on it.

Chan S.

Me too (or, in my husband's words, when I first let slip just how much garden space I was planning to take over from the lawn: "I really think you're biting off way more than you can chew." But now he's a convert!). In Henry Mitchell's case, I did a little research to find his birthdate. I hope that somehow, somewhere, his centenary will be appropriately celebrated by those who are still around in 2023.

Lynn S

I love that first one! That is so ME. Also like "Support Groups on High". I could not live in a place like that. I would get thrown out because I would do all the things I was not allowed to do just to tell them 'you can't tell me what to do with my place.'

Chan S.

I am especially fond of "Support Groups on High" also (I say, you tell 'em, Henry!).

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