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October 27, 2004



It is funny how, once you become familiar with certain plants, you can spot them in the oddest places. You can also spot the impostors. I have amused myself identifying all the flowers on, say, a box of tissues. And my children are very familiar with my pet peeve of generically drawn flowers in children's books, flowers that are no real flower but a mish-mash of botanical parts. You know the type: daisy flowers with tulip leaves, etc. Almost as bad is when they draw botanically correct flowers that would never bloom together at the same time, daffodils blooming with poppies and dahlias. But even mail-order catalogs selling plants for an entire bed as a "plan" commit this sin.

Chan S.

That reminds me of a print I have of a 19th century French painting of a gorgeous flower arrangement. Even though the painting is called "Roses" or something like that, the flower that steals the show is a big fat bombe-type peony...with the leaves of a hydrangea. Frankenflower!

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