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September 09, 2004



Everyone should have an 'Edith' in their garden. Doesn't the name just bring to mind fussy old ladies from a garden club, up early in the morning with their secateurs and polyester floral smocks? Who could resist smiling? Thought of you today Chan, while browsing in Barnes and Noble. They've released Graham Greene centenniel paperbacks of The Quiet American and The End of the Affair, plus one other I don't remember the title of. Just paperbacks but with charming artwork.

Chan S.

I can't have enough old-fashioned flowers...yes, I like the name too. And as for Graham Greene--let me mop up the Homer Simpson drool here at the thought of walking out of the bookstore with an armful of brand spanking new editions. The copies I have in my library are over twenty-five years old at this point, and the spines are so faded I can hardly read the titles any more...good excuse for snapping up the new ones, huh?


Wow, three plants of 'Bev'! You don't do anything halfway, do you? I hope they thrive for you as they have for me, 'cause they ain't cheap!

Chan S.

Scrimp when you can, so you can splurge when you must. (Kinda catchy, eh?)

Jason A.

I have a 'Coral 'n Gold' peony too! It is from the same source you obtainted yours. I also received 'Falcon' and 'Miss America.' I planted them on September 7 and I am very much looking forward to the spring of 2005.

Chan S.

That is wonderful! The idea of planting a hunk of root in the fall and getting a living bouquet of peony the very next spring is one that will never fail to amaze me.

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