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September 02, 2004



What happened to the "date of first bloom" in the sidebar? Did you get tired of maintaining it?

Chan S.

The season's on the downswing, so there won't be much new stuff to add, and the prospect of seeing the list just get shorter and shorter is a little depressing. I'll probably do a post or two about new bloomers that are exciting (such as my Japanese anemone that just opened up today, after being bloomless last fall from first frost).


If you appreciate good writing about writing, there are not many people better than Richard Mitchell (he died some years ago). For a decade or two, he ran a newsletter called "The Underground Grammarian". It satred out (vol 1 nr 1) as a response to the terrible writing he saw in academic memos, and gradually expanded to include bureaucratese. The whole series is online at


The newsletter is linked on the left nav bar ("Underground Grammarian Newsletters")

You can dip in anywhere and not be disappointed. His style and intellect are great.

Vol 1, Nr 1 tells about him and his letter. Every one is a jewel.

But it can be habit-forming.

Chan S.

Wow. I just dipped into one of the pieces and hit his discussion of Federalist No. 10. Can you say "instantly hooked"? Thanks for the great link, Mike.

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