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September 03, 2004


Robert the Llama Butcher

Fellow-feeling Yips! to you! Oddly enough, in "Dr. Dogbody's Leg" by James Norman Hall, a book in which I am thoroughly engrossed at the moment, there is a character named Balthus, a retired Royal Navy gunner, who has the habit of exclaiming "God's rabbit!" in moments of emotion. It strikes me that we should try to bring the two closer together.....


I would research dog breeds and find out which one(s) were bred to hunt rabbits, and invest in one. Though I must admit, even a good mousing cat can catch baby bunnies and dispatch them. Ours did--may God rest her soul. Or maybe have your kids learn to accurately use slingshots?

Chan S.

Robert - indeed! In fact, I'll set about singing "Nearer My God To Thee" each time I see one...that'll be sure to knock 'em dead. (rimshot)

Kathy - great minds think alike! Do not tell my kids (who hear from me, regularly, "No. Pets. Ever."), but the idea of a basset hound (American Kennel Club says: "the foremost use of the Basset Hound in the United States is for the hunting of rabbits"), named "Mitchell" (after you-know-who, who had them too), has been a bit of a fantasy of mine for a while.


Better hope your kids don't read your blog.

Chan S.

So far, so good. (Furtively glancing around...)

Molly Fisk

Just a note to say you've got an error in this post. Erma J. Fisk was my grandmother, and she wasn't married to Roger Tory Peterson, but to Bradley Fisk. She and Roger were both birders, but I'm not sure they knew each other well.

She is I'm sure spinning in her grave at the very idea!

Molly Fisk

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