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July 19, 2004



Is this the garden tchotchke you were alluding to? Your husband etched it himself? How did he learn this obscure art? Was the bowling ball brand new or a garage sale find? Are you going to use it as a door (garden gate) stop? (Get it? A stop at Willoughby?) So if it's not for your birthday, what is the occasion?

Chan S.

Yes, this is the tchotchke! My ingenious and resourceful husband used a full-page sticker with the words printed on it as his template, then stuck the sticker on, etched through the letters (very painstakingly!), and peeled the sticker off. The bowling ball was free from a bowling alley (used ball, no longer compatible with their new lane surfaces). It's in my little white garden, where I think it will stay. No particular occasion--I came up with this wacky idea a few months ago, and my husband happened to pick up the bowling ball a few weeks ago when my youngest was at the bowling alley for a classmate's birthday party.

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