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July 14, 2004


Robert the Llama Butcher

I feel your pain! Hopefully, the furry little lackey of Sauron feels his too....


Where do you find these links? Having assisted in home-butchering of chickens, I find I'm not as squeamish as some. But, according to my husband, there's only certain times of the year that wild rabbit is safe to eat.

Chan S.

I believe your husband about wild rabbit...in fact, I wouldn't dream of eating one any time of the year (I think of them more as vermin than game). The story on the link is kinda funny...it originates from a site that I read regularly (Lileks), but for some reason I'd skipped the link yesterday. But then it showed up later that morning on one of the ABA attorney listservs. Who says that lawyers are all work and no fun?

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