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July 12, 2004



Disco emerged at the same time that I quit listening to the radio and started to build my classical record library. Coincidence? Nope.


I was more of a punk rocker myself


Not sure what you're talking about~is this an anti-disco revolution or something else? Should I be reading a political subtext into it? Do tell; I find your non-bookish/gardening rants fascinating as you are an excellent writer...

Chan S.

Avril, you are too kind (but compliments are always welcome!). To answer your question, though, I didn't mean to be too clever by half--the songs listed are my favorite songs from the disco era (really!).


Don't forget "(Every time I turn around) Back in Love Again" by LTD...

I could go on.

Chan S.

[Horns: Baba ba ba baba -- slide guitar: Waow.]...with the awesome Jeffrey Osborne.


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