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July 18, 2004



This is a comment not on your entry but on that Day-of-first-bloom sidebar over there. Centaurea montana - July 14? Is this its first bloom or first rebloom? Mine blooms in late spring, and if I cut it back, it might be blooming again by now.

Chan S.

It could have bloomed earlier if it hadn't been persistently gnawed by the bunnies this spring. This is the first bloom we were able to get after we put up cages to let the centaurea recover and form new buds.


You poor thing! How you suffer from those bunnies! We live out in the country and don't have that kind of trouble from them. I wonder what conditions you have around there that make it so favorable for them?

Chan S.

My guess is that we've got a bit of what they used to call an ecological imbalance--conditions are not as favorable for natural predators of the rabbits in this relatively urban environment as they need to be to keep the bunny population down. I complain, but then I really need to remind myself: at least I don't have deer!

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