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July 16, 2004



You're not kidding in your backyard. When I click on the photo to get the larger one, I can see the flowers from your garden well enough to identify them! Do you have any trouble with students trampling plants or tossing trash in your backyard?

Chan S.

Other than the stray soccer ball, we haven't had problems with folks walking on or through the garden (I think it's because visually the boundary is very clear--a row of daffodils in the spring, and now daylilies, and eventually a screen of ornamental grass between the daylilies and the perennial border proper, which will probably take a couple of years to fill in). The open space actually has the effect of discouraging a lot of littering--it was a different story before we got rid of the hedge of barberries there, which collected massive amounts of trash (some blown in, some thrown in).


We also have a soccer and a baseball field directly behind our back yard, actually a small park adjacent to an elementary school.

We are not quite as willing to open our backyard up to it though. We have one of those high wooden fences - which ordinarily I don't like - across the back, plus a twenty foot wall of juniper and cherry laurel foliage. In other words you can't see in or out.

Chan S.

A number of our neighbors have also gone the high fence route, but for now (while our three kids are young), we like being able to see them run and play as if the fields were an extension of their own back yard.

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