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June 12, 2004



I'm confused~it looks like you did just that with 'Richard Carvel' so what's the problem? Either way, I'm sure the flowers don't care. Gardening is where I let all my neurotic tendencies fall away....most of the time!

Chan S.

I scrubbed the typos on all the entries, leaving only this post as the permanent memorial of spinach-on-tooth. But you are so right--the flowers don't care, and the great thing about the garden is that the rewards are greater when you just relax a little and let things happen...a lesson I can't learn often enough.


And don't forget--even though God is in the details, he's more than just the details. He's also Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control (among other things). I like to think of the desire for perfection as a longing for home, that world to come when everything will be perfect, effortlessly perfect, because Sin will have died, and God Himself will be our light.

And, by the way, you flipped the word "saw" and made it "was" in that Avent quote.

Chan S.

Kathy, that's beautiful and wise and absolutely right...thank you. I'm getting slightly better at being more amused than exasperated at my "human" moments (I'd say the ratio at the time of writing this post was about 50/50), and I'm just rolling on the floor at the typo on the Avent quote (this is progress!). Such grace (in every sense of the word) in your words...I'll try to remember them and smile instead of gnashing teeth at my footfaults in the future.

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