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June 13, 2004



It never ceases to be exciting to harvest something you grew from nothing. Bon appetit!


Nah, it's a big deal for any grower to eat their own produce. Part relief, part pride, and part satisfied anticipation. Even just a humble lettuce leaf grown by your own fair hand is worthy of elation.


wonderful! There is nothing like a salad from lettuce grown yourself. It tastes better than any other salad, hands down. How fresh and lovely those leaves look!

Chan S.

Thanks for all the lovely comments! Still thrilled here, and excited to see (and taste) what summer has yet to bring. Will keep you posted!


ooh, so pretty! I'm jealous... It's so hot here in Texas we can only grow lettuce in the winter. I had my first patch this last season and loved it, but wish I could have some now when it's so hot and I really would love some cool, fresh greens! Enjoy!


It is hot here in Texas, but because of that we can grow tomatoes all year long. We are blessed and cursed.

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