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May 13, 2004



Henry's wisdom rings eternal...while reading some in the May chapter last night, I noted that he was talking about the 17 year cicadas which last happened in 1987 (ah, he was still with us!) His sagacity is timeless!

Chan S.

I chuckled at the cicada chapter too, as I was leafing through the book for this post. Don't be surprised if excerpts from it make an appearance in a future post this summer!

Lynn S

That is very different from my experience with Heavenly Blue. It's my favorite morning glory. I plant seeds in the spring and it finally blooms in midsummer. I guess if I could find plants I could have flowers a lot earlier but I've never seen any. Also, it acts like any other morning glory - closed by noon or earlier. I wonder if the heat has something to do with that. I tend to "close up" when it's 105 outside too. :-)

Chan S.

I love Heavenly Blue too, and will be starting seeds for it in a trellised pot soon. Another bit of trivia I forgot to mention in the post is that the Brazilian morning glory has a three-lobed leaf, different than the heart-shaped leaf of Heavenly Blue...but I like 'em all.

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