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May 26, 2004


Frank Poliat

Howdy stranger:

Just watched Mikey and Nicky and it occurred to me that Nicky (Cassavetes's character) is a classic borderline personality?

Got no one to talk to about the film, but found your blog by Googling.

What a piece of work this is...yikes. Very Greek nuh? For the first hour, I don't want to believe that Mikey is setting him up, but Nicky is such self-centered shlemazel, that by the time they visit his poor girlfriend and Nicky sets Mikey up, I'm rooting for the hitman to do his thing!

Reminds me a bit of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf".

Wd love to hear your thoughts.

ps. personal info, see website.

Chan S.

It's been years since I've seen Mikey and Nicky, but your comment had me doing a quick Google search to try to see if it was on DVD (and I see that it's just been released, which is very exciting since I'd like to see it again and I've never seen it rerun on TV or cable). Yes, Nicky is an unlikeable, unsympathetic loser, and I think that one of the best thing about the film (and Cassavetes' portrayal) is its (and his) refusal to succumb to the temptation to turn the character into a sentimentalized anti-hero. The more that I think of it, I cannot wait to see this film again...thanks for stopping by!

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