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February 01, 2004



Funny you should mention botanical prints. I just hung my very first wallpaper border in our bathroom. It is from a Waverly book entitled "The New York Botanical Garden: A Visit to the Garden," and is "derived from Les liliacées, illustrated by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, botanical illustrator of the18th and early 19th centuries, and published in France in 1802." (quote is from the wallpaper book.) To see what it looks like, go to . They also had a border with seed packets in that same book, which was available at both Lowe's and Home Depot last time I looked.


Have you seen this botanical art of another kind?

Bookish Gardener

Mmmm, Redouté...and now my accent aigu problem is solved -- I'll just cut and paste it from your comment! ;D

The radiological art is fascinating. I think my faves are the honesty and the lisianthus.

Thanks for the great links!


I have field guides with photos and ones with drawings. I find the ones with drawings much more useful because they show off better the features that I need to see to make identifications, like leaf veining for example.

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