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December 31, 2003



Happy New Year and many gorgeous blooms for 2004!


Has it made it through a winter yet? I've heard not all of those agastaches are hardy. Or is it that they don't like "winter wet"? Same difference in my case.

Bookish Gardener

This one's reported hardy to zone 5 (a lot of agastaches aren't but are said to re-seed reliably--I've heard that about agastache foeniculum, for example). This will be its first winter, but I'm optimistic, since it's planted adjacent to the house's foundation in a very bright southern exposure, in gravel. I'm also following the advice to leave the stems unpruned over the winter to help in winter survival.


It _is_ true about Agastache foeniculum. Sometimes the plants make it, sometimes they don't, but there's always puh-lenty of seedlings. They also have a wonderful fragrance--like licorice--and make a great iced tea, either by themselves or with another tea (green, black, etc.)

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