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December 22, 2003



La Pivoinerie passes my first test of a good peony nursery: it carries the peony 'Bev,' whose magazine photo I fell in love with many years ago. You might take a look at Reath's, which has peonies of the same caliber as La Pivoinerie but is based in the U.S., thus sparing you the phytosanitary fee. Search my blog for Reath's for more info on it and 'Bev.'

Bookish Gardener

Thanks for the tips! I'd been thinking about doing a row of 'Nice Gal' (in my case based on a gorgeous photo in the Front Yard Gardens book), but 'Bev' looks even better...and apparently has better fragrance! I have to say that I haven't minded the phytosan. fee given the quality of the plants from La Pivoinerie & Lindsay's excellent customer service. The first year I ordered I thought there was a mistake when I found an extra plant in the shipment, only to find out that, no, it was a bonus gift of a smaller size root (which came up and flowered nicely the following spring). I don't think this is announced policy, but maybe just a way to distribute leftover plants that have fewer eye divisions than the size they sell...but in any case one of the most pleasant surprises I've ever encountered in mailordering from a nursery. This last year's gift was a second "James Pillow", just as nice, but extra special to me for the "James" factor.

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