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November 17, 2003



So I'm not the only one who combines a love for books and gardening with a love for Elvis Costello? Who knew? You're way a head of me, though, I've yet to christen a child after an E.C. song! (of course, um...I have no children, sooo...)

Bookish Gardener

I'm sure it's a very small club! : D
Along those lines, though, I've been waiting for for just the right piece of English garden writing to give me the excuse to say: "There's a rule book in Britannia that no one ever waives."
On the name front, I know that my daughter's going to breathe a big sigh of relief that she wasn't a boy...not sure the world is yet ready for a Black/Korean/Ohio-farmcountry-WASP named Declan.


Oh, you needn't an excuse to employ that lovely phrase: just use it! ;) E.C.'s a genius, but no picker of nits!

World ready or no, Declan's a fine name. (But then, I'm partial to Celtic names.)

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